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Filip Bajon

Visiting SFS July 25 to 29

Highly acclaimed Polish film director, who on the grounds of feature films debuted with Aria for an Athlete (Aria dla Atlety, 1980). The film was a great stylistic counterpoint to the Cinema of Moral Unrest. The following period of Bajon’s production was characterized by historical films and adaptations including The Spring to Come (Przedwiośnie, 2002). Bajon is coming to SFS to give introduction to his film Poznan 56 that deals with the revolutionary protests, and to his most recent feature Damaged (Panie Dulskie, 2015), an original interpretation of the famous Polish drama. Filip Bajon is also a head of KADR Film Studio that played a crucial role in the Polish Film School movement and thus has accepted the auspice of the same-name SFS section.

Kinga Dębska

Visiting SFS July 23 to 26

Polish film and television female director, who in 2007 graduated from Prague’s FAMU. Her filmography comprises a great number of television films, documentaries and features. Dębska debuted with Hel (2009), a story of a psychiatrist fighting with drug addiction. Her latest film These Daughters of Mine is based on her own autobiographic novel dealing with the loss of her parents. The film won Dębska the 2015 Orly Award for the best film screenplay. The same prize was assigned to her collaborative project The Actress (Aktorka, 2015), a documentary about the Polish film legend Elżbieta Czyżewska.

Alejandro Eduardo Goic

Visiting SFS July 22 to 25

Chilean actor and theatre director. He is also a professor of the dramatic arts. In recent years he has lived through a renaissance in his television and film career. He has embodied a number of charismatic roles, among which stand out those of the Argentinian homosexual painter Jorge Larco in the biographical drama Bombal and the figure of Alejandro, a man with a dark past from the era of Pinochet’s dictatorship, in Dog Meat by the director Fernando Guzzoni, as well as that of Father Ortega in the celebrated film Club by Pablo Larrain.

Petr Jarchovský

Visiting SFS July 25 to 30

One of the most recognized names among the Czech film screenwriters (two Czech Lion awards and another eight nominations). Jarchovský won recognition for cooperating with Jan Hřebejk and creating eleven feature-length films together. Lately he has been occupied with assignments for the Czech Television including the adaptations of the three crime miniseries Detectives from the Holy Trinity (The Case of the Exorcist, Blue Shadows, Five Dead Dogs). This year’s Summer Film School will raise a toast to the screenwriter’s fiftieth birthday. Jarchovský will also deliver a lecture on screenwriting at Summer Film Academy and will take part in the vast inventory of the Czech film.

Ivan Passer

Visiting SFS July 22 to 30

One of the crucial filmmakers of the Czechoslovakian New Wave cinema. After graduating from FAMU he started working as a screenwriter (together with Miloš Forman and Jaroslav Papoušek he wrote scenarios to most of Forman’s Czechoslovakian films, except for Black Peter). Later on Passer shifted towards the film direction (a short film adaptation of Hrabal’s book A Pale Afternoon and Intimate Lighting). After the events of 1968 he fled to the USA where he made another twenty films (Cutter’s Way, Born to Win, Stalin). Ivan Passer will arrive at SFS and lead us throughout the retrospective of his films.

Vladimír Merta

Visiting SFS July 25 and July 29

FAMU graduate (film and television direction and screenwriting), musician, essayist, publicist and novelist. His debut album was released on French label Vogue Records. Though greatly politically restricted on his publishing activities, he became a significant figure of the 1970s and 1980s Czechoslovak music scene. Apart from his music, Summer Film School visitors will also get a chance to see Merta’s screenwriting and filmmaking deeds.

Janusz Majewski

Visiting SFS July 23 to 27

Photo: Adam Bajerski

Polish film and television director and one of the most popular Polish filmmakers, whose works are mainly ranked within the defined genre categories, including several nostalgic adaptations of interwar novels. His filmography includes a number of Polis-Czech co-productions – Hotel Pacific or The Mark of Cain. Majewski will be present to the SFS screening of his newest feature-length film The Eccentrics, which at the same time was one of the best Polish films last year. Added to that, Majewski will receive the Platinum Lions award at Gdynia Film Festival this September.

Kurt van der Basch

Visiting SFS July 23

An illustrator and storyboard artist residing in Prague since 1999. He was a scene painter on the action-adventure film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and conceptualizing and illustrating props and sets for Alien vs Predator and Terry Gilliam’s biographical fantasy film The Brother’s Grimm. His knack for drawing quickly led him to storyboarding. Since then van der Basch applied his craft skills on a number of projects in Europe and the United States. He created production illustrations for Hype William’s music videos for Janet Jackson, Kanye West and Madonna’s tour Sticky and Sweet, made storyboards for Tom Tykwer’s sci-fi epos, or for Cloud Atlas. Kurt‘s most recent projects comprise Justin Kurzel’s Assassin Creed starring Michael Fassbender and J. J. Abrams‘ Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Julie Taymor

Visiting SFS July 25 to 30

Photo: Marco Grob
American female director who dazzled the world of film with her biography Frida (2002), the equally fascinating Shakespeare adaptations of Titus (1999), The Tempest (2010), or the stage adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014). Yet Taymor’s artistic activities go far beyond film – this versatile lady is an acknowledged stage director (as the first lady ever she won the Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical for The Lion King in 1997), she is a great writer, stage and costume designer, and she also makes puppets.

Emília Vášáryová

Visiting SFS July 26 to 28

First lady of Slovak film and theatre scene launched her acting career in the 1960s with several significant title roles (Midnight Mass, When the Cat Comes, The Seven Who Were Hanged). The following decades were dedicated to the TV films while, particularly after the Velvet Revolution, Vášáryová’s major volume of work moved from Slovakia to the Czech Republic (Cosy Dens, Václav, or Shameless). Her latest film role, and indeed the most powerful and most intimate one, in Marko Škopa’s Eva Nová meant a triumphal comeback on her homeland scene. Emília Vášáryová will come to SFS and introduce Eva Nová together with a special selection of her best-loved roles.

Guests of the Previous years

During the course of its existence, the festival has been visited by plenty of exeptional film personalities - directors, actors, directors of photography, screenwriters and critics both from the Czech Republic and abroad: Peter Greenaway, Aki Kaurismäki, Mika Kaurismäki, Emir Kusturica, Terry Gilliam, Carlos Saura, Abbás Kiarostámí, István Szabó, Ken Loach, Goran Paskaljević, Fridrik Thór Fridriksson, Béla Tarr, Julio Medem, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Amos Gitai, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Tom Stoppard, Godfrey Reggio, Hector Babenco, Dušan Makavejev, Juraj Jakubisko, Jan Švankmajer, Michel Khleifi, Jerzy Stuhr, Krzysztof Zanussi, Allan Starski Jaco van Dormael, Raoul Servais, Pedro Costa, Lisandro Alonso, Bence Fliegauf, György Pálfi, Vimukthi Jayasundara, Peter Strickland, Dagur Kári, Sean Ellis, Ilmar Raag, Valie Export, Christian Berger, Marika Green či Mara Mattuschka.

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