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Kurt van der Basch:

Kino Hvězda | Opening: Saturday 23 July, 7.00 pm

Storyboard is the first sketch – an idea about the film outlined by a director and a scriptwriter. It stands at the very beginning of the filmmaking process. Storyboard originates in the 1930s animation film and represents a vital feature of all film genres. The SFS exhibition introduces Kurt van der Basche’s works (Cloud Atlas, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, etc.) revealing the filmmaking background.

About the author:

Kurt van der Basch comes from the east coast of Canada. He currently lives and works in Prague. He started off his career in film industry in 1999 and soon seized a crucial position in creative professions. His first storyboard was sketched in 2003 for Liev Schreiber’s film Everything is Illuminated. This brought him acclaim and new opportunities. Basch collaborated on Cloud Atlas, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Assassin’s Creed, and many more.

Institute of Art Photography:
25 Years of Opava School of Photography (1990-2015)

Slovácké muzeum | Opening: Saturday 23 July, 5.00 pm

The Institute of Art Photography, Silesian University in Opava, presents an anniversary exhibition of the most distinct works made in the last 25 years of its existence. It involves the works of the students, the recent graduates and the already acclaimed authors – Dita Pepe, Rafał Milach, Tereza Vlčková, Roman Vondrouš, or Bára Prášilová. Curators: Vladimír Birgus, Marek Malůšek, Jiří Siostrzonek and Jindřich Štreit.

Jakub Tytykalo – Irena Armutidisová:
Výměna rolí (Roles Exchange)

Galerie Slováckého muzea | Opening: Friday 22 July, 5.00 pm

Jakub Tytykalo’s surrealistic paintings contrast with the realistic interpretations of Irena Armutidisová’s statues and reliefs. Yet they have something in common: they wish to reveal the stereotypes of human behaviour and the "roles" we usually adopt. The moment, when exhibition visitors change into the objects of observation, is a brilliant satire on the absurdity of art exhibitions in general.

About the authors:

Jakub Tytykalo (*1984)
2005 – 2008: SUPŠ Uherské Hradiště, Graphic Design.
2008 – 2014: AVU Prague, Graphic I, Sculpture and Drawing Studios.
Tytykalo plays with fuzzy borders between abstraction and figurative painting. His sacral, specifically coloured objects loosely refer to the surrealistic paintings of the Italian and Spanish mannerism movement.

Irena Armutidisová (*1988)
2003 – 2007: Secondary School of Art and Design Brno, Industrial Design.
2007 – 2013: AVU, Figurative Sculpture.
Armutidisová follows up the tradition of classic Ancient and Rennaisance figurative sculptures and combines it with her idiosyncratic approaches. Her works can be grouped into two topics: classic portraits and animal forms.


Karolína Jelínková - Beata Kuruczová - Kateřina Ondrušková:
Freeze Frame

Cafe Portal | Opening: Sunday 24 July, 6.00 pm

The thematic exhibition showcases the exhibits of the contemporary female students of AVU in Prague, the Painting Studios of Michael Rittstein and Jiří Sopek. Freeze frame – a painting becomes a film sequence. A memory image. We are what we are living now and what we lived in the past. The image is a selective collection of the fragments from our history, an expected déja-vu. The image is a memory, which we cannot reset. The image we just have to live. Accompanying programme: commented guided tours.

About the authors:

Beata Kuruczová (*1990)
2006 – 2010: SUPŠ Prague.
2010 – 2012: VOŠUP Prague.
2012 – to the present: AVU Prague, Painting Studio II. of Michael Rittstein.
She is attracted by absurdity, mystery and fanasy.

Karolína Jelínková (*1992)
2007 – 2011: Jiří Sopek’s school.
2012 – to the present: AVU Prague, Painting Studio I.
Unclear, absurd situations captured with irony and exaggeration, working with colours in order to intensify the emotional impression.

Kateřina Ondrušková (*1991)
2007 – 2011 SUPŠ Uherské Hradiště, Painting.
2013 – to the present: AVU Prague, Painting Studio III. of Michael Rittstein.
Paying attention to the form rather than content, she is fascinated with matter, drama and intensity.

Andrea Vacovská:
Titulky (Credits)

Reduta - Galerie v chodbě | Opening: Sunday 24 July, 3.00 pm


The exhibition traces the changes in typography of Czechoslovak feature film opening credits used from 1945 to 1993. It is a part of Andrea Vacovská’s project at Prague’s VŠUP. Come to have a look at various scripts that were used for the credits and learn about the techniques of production.

About the author:

Andrea Vacovská studies the master degree at VŠUP Prague, Type Design and Typography. She works as a graphic designer in Studio Najbrt. In 2013—2015 she was a main graphic designer for the International film festival Ostrava Kamera Oko.

Michal Bauer:
Nahlédnutí - obrazy (A Fleeting Glance – Paintings)

Reduta - Galerie podkroví | Opening: Friday 22 July, 6.30 pm


Author’s 38. exhibition showcases his latest works. Unique structures in a minimalistic installation reveal the hidden dimensions of Bauer’s works.

About the author:

Michal Bauer (*1969) was born in Uherské Hradiště, he studied at SUPŠ, Design (1987) and VŠUP, design in Zlín (1993). His working life is divided between technically challenging geometric paintings and fabricating models for automobile industry.

SUPŠ Uherské Hradiště:
VHS aneb Kam s ní? (VHS: Shift Forward)

Streets of Uherské Hradiště and the festival venues


The aesthetics of the VHS videotape cassettes is the core idea of the 42. SFS visual style. What else can we do with the VHS cassette? The new aesthetics and functions of this obsolete media are being reconsidered by the students of UMPRUM in Uherské Hradiště.


Karolína Vintrová (3. year, Industry Design)
Oliver William Quinn and Antonín Majtner (3. year, Multimedia)
Dominika Štefková (4. year, Painting)
Lucie Vráblíková (4. year, Painting)
Radek Mužík (4. year, Sculpture)


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