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2016 SFS Concerts

All concerts will take place at Kolejní nádvoří that is situated next to the Main Church in Masaryk Square. Reduced-price tickets for the accredited visitors will be available in the SFS accreditation system, section Merchandize, from June 1, 2016. Tickets for public will be available in the Town Information Centre from July 1, 2016.

Concerts Overview

Friday 22 July | 7.30 pm | Kolejní nádvoří

17. CZ & SK Hello Jazz Weekend:
Sisa Fehér and Fehero Rocher, Boris Urbánek and TUTU, Ondřej Ruml and Matěj Benko Quintet, Ruben Fox Quartet


An opening concert of the 42. Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště and of the 17. CZ & SK Hello Jazz Weekend.

Sisa Fehér and Fehero Rocher (SK)
Music of Sisa Fehér’s quintet oscillates between jazz, blues and alternative music. The ensemble will perform authorial compositions as well as arrangements of the famous jazz classics.

Boris Urbánek and TUTU (CZ)
Jazz guru, great performer and a keen promoter of jazz concerts in Ostrava will arrive with one of his bands. A very first info about TUTU is almost twenty years old. Since then the band has hosted a number of excellent musicians.

Ondřej Ruml and Matěj Benko Quintet (CZ)

Ondřej Ruml is a versatile musician and singer. After graduating from Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, he performed with numerous jazz bands around the Prague clubs. Ruml achieved public acclaim when he took part in the singing competition X-FACTOR. This time he will arrive with Matěj Benko Quintet, one of the most outstanding jazz formations in the Czech Republic.

Ruben Fox Quartet (UK)
Ruben Fox Quartet resides in POW Club in Brixton, but may be often seen at various music festivals and events around London and even the whole Great Britain. The Quartet sets out on its first Czech tour – excellent rhythmicity, sensitive guitar and innovative sax leader rounds off the opening evening of the Hello Jazz Weekend in Uherské Hradiště.

Saturday 23 July | 7.30 pm | Kolejní nádvoří

Plastic People of the Universe

Plastic People of the Universe


Kittchen (7.30 pm)
Kittchen was established as a one-man anonymous project in 2011, when his first, freely downloadable, album Menu appeared on the Internet. The mixture of industrial and postapocalyptic folk gained both negative critical reviews and a growing number of fans. Kittchen hit the stages and engaged the drummer Tomáš Neuwerth. Their second album Radio (2013) was recorded by already a complete band (Anděl Music Award). Kittchen’s third album Kontakt is distinctive with more traditional forms of expression – guitar, bass, drums.

Plastic People of the Universe (8.30 pm)
The Plastic People of the Universe (PPU) is a Prague rock music band that used to be one of the leading figures of the Czechoslovak underground. It stood in opposition to the Communist regime in the 1970s and 1980s and due to the rebellious excesses it suffered several persecutions and imprisonments. The band was founded by a young bass guitar player Milan „Mejla“ Hlavsa in September 1968 and even though it went through several twists and turns its repertoire still maintains the songs by Mejla Hlavsa and Joe Karafiát. New pieces are expected to be included on an upcoming release.

Sunday 24 July | 7.30 pm | Kolejní nádvoří

Houpací koně



Houpací koně (7.30 pm)
Houpací koně was founded in 1991. The band resides in Ústí nad Labem. It drew the initial inspiration from the Cure, Pixies, Sonic Youth and Mudhoney, wrote their first lyrics in Czech and released a debut album in 1995. Then came a crisis and a lack of opportunities forced the band to even think about picking up a new name (Baked Roll or Economic Crisis). The only things that kept them going were the dark guitars of Afghan Whigs and a charming dEUS.

Květy (8.30 pm)
Květy were founded in the mid-1990s and re-founded again in 2000 by Martin E. Kyšperský. A core leader of the band is Aleš Pilgr, a drummer and a multi-instrumentalist. Though highly experimental the band won a broad public popularity with its great lyrics, sense of humour, astonishing concerts and excellent album covers.

Monday 25 July | 7.30 pm | Kolejní nádvoří

Děti mezi reprákama
Trio Merta - Hrubý - Fencl and Hromosvod

Trio Merta - Hrubý - Fencl a Hromosvod


Děti mezi reprákama (7.30 pm)
Děti mezi reprákama is a new collaborative project by Dominik Zezula (post-hudba), whose aim is to join together as many creative Indie heads as possible: "When there are feats in electronic music, there may be as well among the guitars".

Vladimír Merta + Jan Hrubý + Ondřej Fencl and Hromosvod
(8.30 pm)
A veteran and a cornerstone of the Czech songwriters Vladimír Merta and the young-generation folk-rock band Hromosvod have kept on touring together since February 2012. Last year the band was enlarged with a phenomenal violin player Jan Hrubý. The concert starts off with Hromosvod‘s folk-rock, the longest middle part is dedicated to Merta’s songs from the 1970s and 1980s, Ondřej Fencl’s piano and Hrubý’s violin, while in the final part we will hear several arrangements of Merta’s classics.

Tuesday 26 July | 7.30 pm | Kolejní nádvoří

Monikino Kino

Monikino Kino. Foto Stanislav Tryputen


Katarzia (7.30 pm)
Katarzia alias Katarína Kubošiová’s performances are based on the poems set to music. With her guitar she plays and sings about the hardships of her life reflecting upon the lives and troubles of the youth. Katarína studied at VŠMU in Bratislava. She gained public acclaim with her debut album Generácia Y, which also won her two nominations for Radio FM Radiohead Awards 2014 in the Newcomer of the Year and World Music categories. Her upcoming album, recorded with Martin Valihora and Marek Minárik, will be released this autumn at Slnko Records.

Monikino Kino (8:30 pm)
Monikino Kino, that’s Monika Midriaková, a filmmaker, musician and actress, and Pert Marek, a member of MIDI LIDI, filmmaker and actor. They have known each other for five years, making music for two. Monika is a composer and Petr writes texts in Monika’s Slovak language, Monika plays the keyboards and sings, Petr does the same plus plays the guitar. Their debut album Prázdniny was released in September 2015.

Wednesday 27 July | 6.30 pm | Kolejní nádvoří

Ghost of You
Wild Tides

Wild Tides


Ghost of You (6.30 pm)
Ghost of You is a young music band from Brno that after the two years of touring released the first album Glacier and the City, recorded under the baton of producer Ondřej Ježek. Their music is a blend of fragile emotions and energy of the very moment.

Wild Tides (7.30 pm)
Wild Tides from Žižkov are well-known for their spontaneous performances full of brisk punk hymns, unexpected jumps into the rock’n’roll sound of the 1950s, Bo Diddley beats, 1970s glam rock and 1980s post punk, echoes of the 1990s post hard-core an the unmistakeable "We Don’t Give a Fuck“ attitude in a good tradition of Ramones.

Wednesday 27 July | 9.00 pm | Kostel sv. Františka Xaverského

Jiří Bárta – Cello

Jiří Bárta


Slightly something different, this will suit to those who enjoy listening to the real music. Two suites for solo cello by Johann Sebastian Bach and Zoltán Kodály’s Sonata for Solo Cello Op. 8 performed by one of our greatest cellists Jiří Bárta.

Thursday 28 July | 7.30 pm | Kolejní nádvoří

Holy Fanda & The Reverends
Mňága a Žďorp

Mňága a Žďorp


Holy Fanda & the Reverends (CZ/US) (7.30 pm)
Half way between Prague and America, between the church and pub. The band consisting of a great California drummer and banjo player Nick Jennings and Prague multi-instrumentalist Fanda Holý spreads its original style called urban-hillbilly & hard-core americana. Their live performance will be accompanied with Jarda Svoboda from Traband and a couple of trumpeters.

Mňága a Žďorp (8.30 pm)
Mňága a Žďorp (or rather the founding members of the band) come from Valašské Meziříčí. The band was formed in 1983 and broke through with the first song from their debut album Made in Valmez Hodinový hotel (1991). Their latest album Made in China was recorded by Petr Fiala soon after finishing a successful crowdfunding campaign in China.

Friday 29 July | 7.30 pm | Kolejní nádvoří

Lucie Redlová & Garde
Musica Folklorica

Musica Folklorica


Lucie Redlová & Garde (7.30 pm)
Lucie Redlová began her career with mandolin in a folk-beat band Docuku in 2001. Later, at the end of 2009 she founded a band Garde and bought an electric guitar. Then she joined with Beata Bocek and Jitka Šuranská in a project called MDŽ – Muzikantky, dámy, ženy. From time to time they get together at a concert. Garde will perform with Ivan Trpík (bass guitar, guitar) and Milan Kratochvíl (drums, percussion).

Musica Folklorica (8.30 pm)
Musica Folklorica was founded in 2001 as a loose follow-up of an occasionally-performing trio of Petr Pavlinec, Miroslav Kolacia and Martin Slovák, playing mostly the traditional dulcimer songs. The band was later joined by other violists and percussionists (folklore bands musicians). Miroslav Kolacia (violin), Lubomír Graffe (violin), Jaroslav Panák (violin), Tomáš Janoška (viola), Martin Slovák (double-bass), Petr Pavlinec (cimbalom) will play various reworks of the traditional motives from Moravian-Slovakia region.

Saturday 30 July | 8.00 pm | Kolejní nádvoří

Aneta Langerová
(Na Radosti 2016 Tour "Under the Blue Sky")

Aneta Langerová


Live concert with band and string trio.

Aneta Langerová’s album Na Radosti was released in 2014. In collaboration with Jakub Zitek, a piano player, composer and producer, they sought inspiration in Šumava where they discovered an abandoned settlement Na Radosti. That place astonished them and gave birth to the album full of extraordinary tales. It won them four categories in Anděl Music Award 2014. Aneta runs her tour with an accompanying music band and a string trio.

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