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"Tired with all these…" You mean the films? Take a rest, hit the boulevards and lose yourself among the dramatic allegories, rinse your tired eyes and refresh your mind with a piece of beauty at an exhibition, or some refreshing tones at one of our concert venues.

A theatre chapiteau that will entice you to join the parallel, funny or mysterious, worlds. A mix of various music styles and genres, film and no-film exhibitions, events for kids and adults, for the early birds and night owls, for chatterers and listeners, for party boys and party girls… All these will appear in the SFS programme of accompanying events. What a welcome alternative to the omnipresent hypnotic eye of the film projectors.

Tickets to all music and theatre events are available:

1) for the holders of a four-day or full-time accreditation – reduced-price tickets are available in the accreditation system, section Merchandise

2) for public – available from July 1 at MIC in Masaryk square Uherské Hradiště (limited number of tickets)


Summer Film School would not be complete without the evening concerts in Kolejní nádvoří, Masaryk square. You may look forward to Aneta Langerová, Vladimír Merta, Muzica Folklorica, Mňága a Žďorp, or to some classical music with cello and Jiří Bárta.

A detailed programme and more info about the dates are available here.


Even though we haven't got The Globe, just an ordinary theatre chapiteau, it still is a fertile source of fun and surprise. A journey to Golgotha, flamenco and Indian dance, a tragic story of a Gypsy boxer, naked Shakespeare and, at last, Kabinet Havel and Husa na provázku Theatre.


Storyboards will disclose the background of film production, Institute of Art Photography will tell us more about the photography education, an exhibition about the development of film credits throughout the last quarter, paintings, sculptures and many more.

A detailed programme is available here.


The Literary Tent programme consists of authorial readings (Bukowski in Ostrava dialect), slam poetry contests, a poetic workshop, or a lecture on street art with Ztohoven. Nine literary sessions will be held by the local group Portus Litterarum, whose last year’s events enjoyed enormous popularity.


Manifold accompanying programme in Respekt Tent will offer Mexican short films, debates with Jan Vitvar and Jindřiška Bláhová. Jan J. Nedvěd from Hudební banka project will carry out a lecture and a presentation. Space will be given to Respekt tour 2016 discussions with Erik Tabery, Silvie Lauder and Martin M. Šimečka. Daily blocks will be rounded off with an HBO film screening. Coffee served at the site.


A devil some audio-visual parade of VHS films will be reeling out from the Respect Tent every night. Watch it from start or not, a couple of minutes are more than enough. An exclusive 80s and 90s daily menu will be announced on a menuboard in front of the tent. Forget about Solaris or Sátántangó, get ready for the myriads of childhood memories – worn out plastic VHS cases, hearty recordings, Toshiba 4head Hi-Fi VCRs, and weeping tears of joy for JCVD saved the world.


Kids will have a reserved space near Slovácká búda. Films, tales, workshops, evening stories every day, theatres daily from 2.00 pm. Don’t miss the first weekend Funfair of Movie Gimmicks. You can explore really old movie gadgets and even make your own film.

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