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AČFK Annual Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt

This year’s annual prize was designed by Jakub Berdych.

Packed Screenings at 42th SFS

First half of SFS is in full swing.

Ivan Passer Received AČFK Annual Prize

Our honoured guest introduced and discussed his films in his Masterclass.

Annual Prize to Emília Vášáryová


Yesterday, under the auspice of Zlín Region, Mrs Emília Vášáryová received AČFK Annual Prize for her vivid portrayals of all shades of femininity, which she presents in film, theatre and television for over half a century.


Gangster Ka: African in Masaryk Square



The final part of Jan Pachl’s gloomy story Gangster Ka: African accentuates the fact that those who commit evil shall expect revenge. What are the mechanisms in organized crime? Are they combatable? Second part of the crime thriller tonight in RWE Open-air Cinema.


Tonight's Feast for Your Eyes



The Smoke
- a film by Tomáš Vorel, remarkable for its specific charm, for blending serious themes with jokes, irony with respect, reality with bizarre situations. Tonight in Smetanovy sady Open-air Cinema at 9.30 pm.


Tuesday Films, Lectures and Concerts


Slovak Day with Emília Vášáryová
Today’s in the sign of Slovakia and its brightest star, actress Emília Vášáryová. You can see her on her Masterclass that takes place in Respekt Tent from 5.30 pm and at the screening of Eva Nová in Hvězda cinema from 8.30 pm, where she will also receive the AČFK Annual Prize for „for her vivid portrayals of all shades of femininity, which she for over half a century presents in film, theatre and television”. Besides that the Slovak Day will show the documentaries 5 October and Colours of Sand. Slovak books, magazines and DVDs by Slovak Film Archive will be sold in Hvězda cinema.

Script Censorship in Czechoslovakia 1953–1962
Reduta 2 | 11.30 am
Film scripts too ended up in the claws of the communist censorship. Learn more about the strategies of the Central Press Supervision Office with Jan Černík from Olomouc university.

Summer Film Academy: Music
Reduta 2 | 1.30 pm
Music has been an integral part of film ever since. Learn more about the role of music in film with Jan P. Muchow.

Czech Film Inventory 2: How to Sell a Czech Film
Respekt Tent | 3.00 pm
Tomáš Baldýnský will host a discussion on a pressing issue: How to push the Czech films through to the local and foreign audience. Guests: Martin Pomothy, an owner of The Czech Film Database, film reviewer Kamil Fila, Aleš Danielis, Ivo Anderle, an expert on the service Video On Demand, Petr Vítek from The Association of Cinema Operators and producer Jan Macola.

Great Times: Tales for ADRA
Literary Tent | 4.00 pm
Salon, Právo literary and culture magazine, has launched a supportive project for humanitarian organization ADRA. A series of stories published by Argo will be introduced by Martin Reiner and Štěpán Kučera.

Evening with Ballads
Museum in the nature Rochus | 6.00 pm
Folk ballads have always attracted attention of experts as well as the public. Their poetic character and ethical values are still topical. Enjoy the concert with Vlasta Grycová, Anička Přikrylová, Pavel Popelka and Jan Maděrič. (aka)


UH Mayor Welcomes SFS Guests


SFS guests of honour were welcome in the Town Hall by mayor Stanislav Blaha: Italian film historians Mattia Cinquegrani and Stefania Parigi, professor of English literature Martin Hilský and his wife Kateřina Hilská, screenwriter Pavel Hajný and his wife Drahomíra Hajná, film director Ivan Passer with his wife Anne Passer, song writer Vladimír Merta, Ambassador of the Czech Republic Jaroslav Olša jr., Polish film director Kinga Dębska, Polish producer Zbigniew Domagalski, Polish film director Janusz Majewski, Kino Na Granici festival director Jolanta Dygoś, producer Włodzimierz Niderhaus with his daughter Anna Niderhaus and Laura Tebel-Gniazdowska, the deputy director of the Polish Film Institute. (aka)


We Don’t Have Enough Time for Writing Scripts


Lack of time and money – these are the main worries of the Czech screenwriters and the final outcome of the Czech Film Inventory I.: How to Make a Czech Film, the discussion that took place in Respect Tent. "There’s no insurance policy for us in this country. Everything becomes a public property in the end. Petr Jarchovský should have been raking in big money and smoking cigars, but that’s not happening," said Bohdan Sláma. In Jiří Konečný’s view, the Czechs have no respect for their culture: "Why the hell are we doing this? We are still more like fans rather than professionals!" There is no professional confederation that would back up their interests. "It’s a rat’s race. Screenwriters too have to pay the bills and so they are forced to write things they would normally turn down," added Jarchovský. "Look at the TV series Wasteland. That’s how it looks like when you’ve got enough time for your work," said Tomáš Baldýnský. (tek)


Ancient Party



A tragic story of love, despair, suffering and sandals adapted into the contemporary German theatre aesthetics and music video visuals, the film Menandros & Thaïs just must have been picked up for one of the SFS parties. Ancient Party tonight at 8.00 pm in Theatre Tent. Don't miss that.


Evening with Ballads


Museum in nature Rochus, Uherské Hradiště | Tuesday 26 July | 6.00 pm
With: Vlasta Grycová, Anička Přikrylová, Pavel Popelka, Jan Maděrič

Folk ballads have always attracted the attention of experts as well as the public. Their poetic character and ethical values are still topical. They depict a man in all his aspects: as someone who can be cruel and loving at once. There is always a story, which may either be transpersonal and epical, or intimate and lyrical. Mostly, the story is exceptional and tragic, may that be a drama of love, a story of the outlaws, or description of a historical event.
People in the villages near Velká Javořina and Lopeník preserved a great number of these ballad songs. And you have a great occasion to hear them sung by excellent singers.


SFS Pre-premiere: A Man Called Ove



Based on Fredrik Backman’s 2012 bestseller, A Man Called Ove is about an elderly widower terrorising people in his neighbourhood up until a serious confrontation with his new neighbours – an immigrant family. Swedish screenwriter and director Hannes Holm took up the text intending to make another successful film adaptation of Nordic novels. Come and check out the result tonight at 5.00 pm in Hvězda cinema.


On Romeo and Juliet


SFS commemorated the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death with two lectures. In the first one, Martin Hilský, our foremost expert on Shakespeare, talked about the famous love story Romeo and Juliet stressing out two contradictory motives – pure love of two young people and groundless hate between their families. An enormous number of film adaptations were mentioned. While festival programming director Iva Hejlíčková focused on classical adaptations of Romeo and Juliet, Aleš Říman pointed out some of the lose and weird ones and Jiří Flígl the most bizarre ones – exploitations, porn, or zombie horrors. (mse)


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