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Emília Vášáryová

The first lady of Slovak cinema visits 2016 SFS. More...

Roger Corman

Midnight Delights will dish out the titbits by the king of the B-movie. More...

Roger Corman, King of the Bs


Midnight Delights will address the work of a director and producer, who, albeit never having reached the highest critical acclaims, had a significant bearing on the United States post-war cinema. Roger Corman would celebrate his 90th birthday this spring and we will feature a profile of his works that were produced between 1950s and 1980s – Pit and the Pendulum, Attack of the Crab Monsters, A Bucket of Blood etc.


Film and Live Music Under the Baton of Sci-fi


Polish Film School is kind of a New Wave to the Polish cinema. Polish Film School was a loosely connected group of filmmakers who were strongly influenced by neorealism, having reflected upon the WWII events in the late 1950s. Get ready for Andrzej Wajda, Jerzy Kawalerowicz or Andrzej Munk.


Ealing Studios


This year’s Film Reader will talk about Ealing Studios, the oldest continuously active film studio in the world that helped form the British cinematography of the 1940s and 1950s.


Two SFS Czech Film Premieres


Czech, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian latest movie releases have always its place at our festival. Two Czech film premieres have been put on the list this year – The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street, the last film by Jan Němec, finalized by his colleagues, and Bence Fliegauf’s latest feature Lily Lane.


It seems as if it were only yesterday…


 …and today the 42th SFS website has come into being. At the same time, a new visual style is revealed, the authors are again Štěpán Malovec and Adam Tureček. The new website contains the first information about the programme, guests and accreditation. Get your early-bird accreditation here. Buy a full-time accreditation before the end of June and get free one-month digital subscription to Respekt magazine.

We look forward to meeting you in Uherské Hradiště!


SFS Guests: Ivan Passer


Our regular section Czechs Abroad will be dedicated to Ivan Passer. We’ll start with a restored version of Intimate Lighting – the only feature-length film Passer made in the Czechoslovakia, and then follows a selection of seven films that were produced abroad. Ivan Passer took up our invitation and along with Jiří Voráč, an expert on Passer’s work, he will be present to all of his screenings and open to discuss his films with the audience. A viewer will thus get familiar with all the struggles of an authorial director/a stranger in the American film industry. Read more about Ivan Passer.


Visconti, the Narrator


Inventory section comprises of several retrospectives and chapters about the history of cinema. It will introduce archive and classic movies and commemorate Luchino Visconti, a giant of Italian film and theatre, who would celebrate his 110th birthday this year. You will get an opportunity to watch a full collection of his fourteen feature films. You may also sit a lecture by Stefania Parigi from Rome University. Find out more about the programme sections.




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